The fundamental building block to your aviation venture is the initial acquisition.

The choices in type of aircraft, age of aircraft, type of operation and ownership structure provide the framework for all future decisions about your aviation operation.

The Wings team like to start at the beginning choosing an aircraft category, class and type best suited to your missions. Once a specific aircraft type is chosen we review the balance between new / late model equipment and the wider pre-owned market. While the team conducts our thorough market research we will advise our client on the various structures for potential aircraft ownership and refer clients to our network of legal and financial professionals.

Once a structure has been established and a short list of potential aircraft developed the team will move to the primary offer / Letter of Intent (LOI) stage in the process, followed by the definitive Aircraft Purchase Agreement (APA). Next, the all too critical pre-purchase inspection phase where the team’s chosen maintenance facility thoroughly inspects the aircraft working towards a discrepancy list. The correction of defects noted in the discrepancy list are covered in the APA, allowing us the opportunity to perform advance maintenance and any wanted upgrades at this point.

Finally the closing, using our partner Title agents and Escrow company we safely and professionally complete the transaction of your new asset. It has been our experience that more than 50% of all aircraft closings involve inappropriate and / or incomplete paperwork that ultimately leads to future title issues. The use of a structured, knowledgeable and experienced professional is essential for a successful aircraft transaction.

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